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SI Joint Treatment

Innovative Treatment for Chronic Lower Back Pain

San Juan Regional Brain and Spine offers minimally invasive surgical techniques for the treatment of chronic lower back pain caused by the sacroiliac (SI) joint.

iFuse Implant


SI joint fusion is a surgical option that utilizes the innovative and minimally invasive iFuse Implant System®. During the minimally invasive procedure, patented triangular-shaped titanium implants are inserted through a small incision to provide stabilization and fusion of the SI joint. The iFuse Implant is the only SI joint fusion device with clinical studies demonstrating that treatment improved pain, patient function and quality of life.



Pain from SI joint dysfunction can be in the lower back or spine, buttocks, pelvis, groin, or sometimes in the legs. Chronic SI joint pain symptoms can make it difficult and painful to perform common daily tasks including sitting, standing up or walking a flight of stairs. 

Is it joint fusion right for me?

This treatment may be right for you if you have tried conservative, non-surgical therapies for your chronic lower back/lower extremity pain related to the SI joint but are still experiencing symptoms, or if you have new onset or continued lower back pain after lumbar fusion. Take this quiz to find out if your chronic low back pain may be related to the SI joint. 


Neurosurgeon Dr. Christopher Payne is an iFuse-trained physician committed to providing excellent patient care by utilizing the latest evidence-based technological advances in the treatment of joint disorders. Take the first steps to improving your quality of life.

Call San Juan Regional Brain and Spine at 505.609.6595 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Payne to evaluate your lumbar spine and sacroiliac joint. 

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