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Community Needs Assessment


A Community Needs Assessment survey is conducted by San Juan Regional Medical Center and San Juan Regional Rehabilitation Hospital to determine the health needs for San Juan County as perceived by the citizens of the county. The survey concluded that there were five main areas of need: 

• Diabetes
• Nutrition, Physical Activity and Weight
• Mental Health
• Substance Abuse
• Infant Health and Family Planning

Our hospitals' Boards of Directors and management team conduct this survey to determining how best to direct resources to improve the health of all citizens in the county. Gaps in healthcare are identified and evaluated, and the hospital's focus will be on closing those gaps where appropriate.

We value your input in our Community Health Needs Assessment and Implementation Strategy. If you need a printed copy, please send an email to or call 505.609.2240.

2017 Community Health Needs Assessment

2014 Community Health Needs Assessment





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