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San Juan Regional Medical Center’s Safety and Security Department provides a wide range of services to protect you while you are on any of the hospital properties. Some of these services—such as uniformed officer patrol and the video monitoring system—are highly visible, while other security services take place behind the scenes. This explanation of those services is provided because we want you to take advantage of the services as often as you feel the need.

Escort to the parking lot. You may arrange for an escort to your vehicle. Just call the operator and ask for an escort. If you aren’t at the main hospital at 801 West Maple, you may have to wait a few minutes for the escort to arrive.

Entrance security. A security officer is stationed at the entrance to the Emergency Department (ER) at all times. A security officer is also stationed at the main entrance to the hospital during the night hours. Don’t hesitate to approach the officer if you have any safety or security concerns.

Lost and found. If you’ve lost an item in the hospital, you may check at the security office located near the ER or call the operator and ask for the security office.

Drills. Fire drills, bomb drills, and other drills are conducted from time to time for training purposes and to comply with regulations. During these drills, certain doors may be locked for a limited period of time. Please comply with any directions given to you by hospital staff.

Limited access.
If the Safety and Security Department determines that access to SJRMC buildings have to be limited to provide for patient safety, then you may not be allowed into the building for a period of time. Please comply with any directions given to you by hospital staff.

Safety and Security Department

If on-campus, dial “O” from any courtesy phone or hospital extension

If off-campus, call 609.2000 and ask for security
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