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Childbirth Education Classes

San Juan Regional Medical Center is committed to providing the support services and education expecting parents need to make sure their baby gets the best start in life. We offer a series of complimentary Childbirth Preparation classes that cover a range of topics important for expecting mothers and their families.

Advanced Maternal Age & Pregnancy: An advanced maternal age pregnancy is one in which the mother is 35 years or older, regardless of whether it is a first pregnancy or not.  These pregnancies can have complications that may impact outcomes for both mom and baby and include the increased possibility of multiples, birth defects or conditions like preeclampsia for the mother.  A healthy pregnancy is desirable from the start and this one-time course focuses on how to have a healthy pregnancy, prenatal testing options and possible birth defects, complications for the mother and other essential topics.  The class should be taken as early as possible in the pregnancy, but the information is beneficial at any time. This class will be offered approximately every other month but can also be taken by appointment by contacting Kathy Coleman at Register for a class that will be held on May 17.

Childbirth Education Series: The Childbirth Preparation Series invites moms and one support person to learn the basics of a healthy pregnancy and birth, what to expect once baby is born, newborn basics and beyond. Register for the series that begin May 2.

Childbirth Education Crash Course: This three-hour childbirth education "crash course" covers the stages and phases of labor, comfort measures and support person skills. 

Childbirth Education Weekend Intensive Course: This weekend course covers all the material covered in the month-long childbirth education series in the span of one evening class and a full Saturday class.  The course will include a tour of the childbirth unit as well as all the key topics covered in the month-long course. Key topics include what to expect the third trimester, healthy habits, what to expect in labor and delivery, breathing and comfort measures and techniques for labor, postpartum care for mom and baby, breastfeeding and taking care of your newborn. We will need at least two couples in order for this to take place.

Bump Day! This single class covers what to expect on your delivery day from the time you go into labor until baby is delivered.  It covers breathing strategies, tips for laboring at home, when to come to the hospital and what to expect once you get to the hospital as well as medical interventions such as an epidural. Register for the May 22 class.

Gearing Up! This single class covers what you need to have as you bring your baby home from the hospital.  It will cover the absolute essentials and must haves, what you shouldn’t waste money on and the things that are considered no longer safe, even if they are still on the market.  We will discuss what is safe to buy used or to borrow versus what should be a new purchase. 

Gestational Diabetes: This single class is intended for Moms that have been diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes however anyone just wanting information is welcome to take the class. This class is also available by appointment, please email if you would like to take this course at a different time. 

Labor and Pain Management: This is a single class that covers one of the most feared aspects of having a baby – the pain associated with labor and delivery.  This class can be taken as a stand alone or in conjunction with any of our other childbirth education classes. Register for the May 4, or May 18 class.

Grandparenting 101: This is a single class meant for grandparents of all ages and stages to take and see what has changed since they raised their children. Register for the May 22 class.

Type 1 Diabetes & Pregnancy: This is a single class that is intended to be taken prior to getting pregnant with Type 1 diabetes.  Type 1 diabetes creates unique challenges that can be offset by preparing for pregnancy and carefully managing your sugar and achieving and maintaining a healthy A1C. 

Seeing Double: This is a single 3.5-hour course for parents having multiples that is intended to give a solid understanding of the basic biology behind having multiples, what to expect during the pregnancy and how to cope with two newborns (or more) at the same time.  Parents having a pregnancy that involves multiples face different complications and issues than a single baby pregnancy.

Just for Dads! It gives Dads a chance to ask questions and to learn essential baby care skills as well as how to support their partner through pregnancy, labor and delivery.  This is a single three-hour class with hands on practice for needed skills like changing diapers, holding baby and helping out at home with all of baby’s care needs.  This class is intended to address any questions new dads have as well as give them an opportunity to learn some strategies for comfort and support during the pregnancy experience. Register for the April 26 class.

The Postpartum Care and Concerns course is intended for patients that have recently delivered, are in their third trimester or who have already had a child and are expecting again and would like a refresher course. Register for the April 30 or May 4 class.

Newborn Care - Accelerated/Refresher Course: This course is a one-time three-hour session to go over the essentials of caring for your newborn baby. Register for the May 16 class.

Teen Pregnancy Crash Course: This one-day crash course will cover the basics of what to know about having a baby as a teen parent.  We will cover prenatal care, labor and delivery, postpartum care, breastfeeding, newborn care and having a positive future but in less depth than the full series teen pregnancy course. 

Breastfeeding Basics Course: This course is a one-time two-and-a-half-hour course that covers all the basics of breastfeeding.  It is intended for the first-time mom or as a refresher for a mom who has already experienced breastfeeding. Register for the May 23 class.

Shaken Baby Syndrome Informational Course: This single class covers all the essentials parents need to know about Shaken Baby Syndrome.  This class covers how and why SBS happens and how to prevent it.  It covers important strategies to deal with excessive crying and how to protect babies from SBS. Register for the May 2 class. 

Pregnancy & Nutrition: This single class will cover the essential nutrients needed for a healthy pregnancy and good sources of these nutrients, caloric needs by trimester, the importance of exercise and remaining active, resources to explore and fun recipes to try. 


Meet Our Educator


Kathy Coleman

Kathy has a wealth of educational experience, including Science Teacher and Science Department Chair at Bloomfield High School, as well as multiple positions at Dzilth-na-o-dith-hle Community Grant School. Kathy holds a Bachelor of Science in Biology from St. Mary’s College in Notre Dame, Indiana, a master’s degree in Secondary Science Education from Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, and an Occupational Health and Safety Certificate from San Juan College.



Kathy Coleman discusses her role as the Patient Educator.


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