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Childbirth Education Classes

San Juan Regional Medical Center offers many childbirth education classes to prepare women and their families for childbirth, breastfeeding, baby care, Cesarean births, healthy nutrition and lifestyles, and physical and emotional changes that may come with pregnancy.

Pregnant women and their partners may be fully stocked with diapers and baby food, but there's much more to preparing for childbirth. The Nemours Foundation says by taking a childbirth class, soon-to-be parents can learn:

  • How the baby develops during pregnancy
  • Potential signs that there may be a problem
  • Suggestions for staying more comfortable during pregnancy, labor and delivery
  • Relaxation and breathing techniques to use during labor and delivery
  • Creating a birth plan
  • Signs that labor has begun
  • What labor and birth involve, and how the partner can help

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