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Personal Devices

Personal Electronics Use by Patients and Visitors

Patients and visitors are welcome to bring and use mobile devices at San Juan Regional Medical Center. However, if the use of a personal device risks interfering with patient care, we will ask you to limit or refrain from using it. San Juan Regional Medical Center makes every effort to protect the privacy of our patients, visitors and staff, including situations where the images and sounds associated with persons visiting, being cared for, or working for the hospital may be captured without their consent.

Please observe the following use of cell phones:

  1. Please stop using cell phones or other electronic devices when requested by staff.
  2. Please set your cell phone to vibrate when you are in the hospital; excessive ringing of cell phones may disrupt staff workflow or activities, or disturb other patients.
  3. Please note the use of recording devices such as video recorders, audio recorders, cameras with video capability, and any other type of equipment not limited to this list used to capture or record images and/or sound by patients or visitors is prohibited except as noted below.
  4. No one has permission to make a video recording or still photo of our staff members as they carry out their duties in the hospital.
  5. Photographs of mothers and newborns may be taken after Cesarean delivery in the Operating Room using a single shot camera. Cell phone cameras in audio/visual mode may not be utilized.
  6. Videotaping and photographs will be allowed intermittently during the labor process from a specified area in the room. Videotaping of the birth is allowed at the mother’s and medical provider’s discretion. Videotaping of surgical repairs is not allowed. The medical provider or nurse has the right to ask videotaping to be stopped at any time. Videotaping is not allowed in the OR or Special Care Nursery.
  7. Cell phones are not allowed on the Behavioral Health Unit.
  8. When using cell phones in common areas, please be aware of who may be around you before discussing confidential/sensitive information. Common areas include:
    1. Main lobby and lobbies on each floor
    2. Café La Ventana
    3. Emergency Department waiting rooms
    4. Outdoor patient/visitor areas

San Juan Regional Medical Center offers free Wi-Fi. Patients and visitors are welcome to and encouraged to use their laptops in the hospital as well. Thank you for your help in observing the privacy of all of our patients. If you have any questions about this policy, please ask a staff member.

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