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San Juan Regional Medical Center Physician Honored by the University of New Mexico

San Juan Regional Medical Center is proud to announce that Dr. Sugar Singleton has been named Distinguished Alumna 2023 by the University of New Mexico’s School of Medicine. 

San Juan Regional Medical Center, San Juan College Partnership Recognized by New Mexico Hospital Association

The award honors community organizations that work in partnership with New Mexico hospitals to strengthen the health and wellbeing of the communities they serve. The college was nominated by San Juan Regional Medical Center in recognition of their longtime partnership dedicated to cultivating the next generation of nurses.

San Juan Regional Medical Center Caregiver Honored By New Mexico Hospital Association

San Juan Regional Medical Center is thrilled to announce that Rebekah French, DNP, FNP-C, is being honored by the New Mexico Hospital Association with the Distinguished Service in Healthcare recognition.


Postpartum Care and Concerns

The Postpartum Care and Concerns course is intended for patients that have recently delivered, are in their third trimester or who have already had a child and are expecting again and would like a refresher course.


Type 1 Diabetes and Pregnancy

This is a single class that is intended to be taken prior to getting pregnant with Type 1 diabetes. Type 1 diabetes creates unique challenges that can be offset by preparing for pregnancy and carefully managing your sugar and achieving and maintaining a healthy A1C.


Shaken Baby Syndrome Informational Course

This single class covers all the essentials parents need to know about Shaken Baby Syndrome. This class covers how and why SBS happens and how to prevent it. It covers important strategies to deal with excessive crying and how to protect babies from SBS.

Urgent Care

Providing prompt, personalized care right when you need it.

Brain and Spine

Offering the most comprehensive total spine program in the region.

Join Better Breathers

We welcome anyone with chronic lung disease who is interested in breathing easier.

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