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San Juan Regional Medical Center Announces 2023/2024 Board of Directors

Community members representing non-profit organizations in San Juan County make up the general corporation membership, which elects the Board of Directors. These individuals represent the voice of the community and provide guidance and leadership to the hospital. 

San Juan Regional Medical Center Updates Visitation Policy

San Juan Regional Medical Center is pleased to announce updates to our visitation policy aimed at helping our patients heal with the supportive presence of their loved ones.

San Juan Regional Medical Center Unveils Pediatrics Unit Remodel

A ribbon cutting ceremony was held to thank our community for the incredible outpouring of support that led to much-needed, hugely impactful improvements.


Just for Dads

This class is just for Dads! It gives Dads a chance to ask questions and to learn essential baby care skills as well as how to support their partner through pregnancy, labor and delivery. This is a single three-hour class with hands on practice for needed skills like changing diapers, holding baby and helping out at home with all of baby’s care needs. This class is intended to address any questions new dads have as well as give them an opportunity to learn some strategies for comfort and support during the pregnancy experience.


Bump Day!

This single class covers what to expect on your delivery day from the time you go into labor until baby is delivered. It covers breathing strategies, tips for laboring at home, when to come to the hospital and what to expect once you get to the hospital as well as medical interventions such as an epidural. It is a good review for someone who has already had a baby or a good class to let new moms know what to expect on their delivery day.


Type 1 Diabetes and Pregnancy

This is a single class that is intended to be taken prior to getting pregnant with Type 1 diabetes. Type 1 diabetes creates unique challenges that can be offset by preparing for pregnancy and carefully managing your sugar and achieving and maintaining a healthy A1C.

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