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San Juan Regional Medical Center Announces New Class Offerings for Expecting Parents

All our Childbirth Center classes are offered free of charge as a community benefit compliments of San Juan Regional Medical Center, your community owned and operated hospital.

San Juan Regional Medical Center Honors Nurses with DAISY® Awards

Three San Juan Regional Medical Center nurses are now DAISY® Award winners, honored for the compassionate care they show our patients every day, as well as for the following stories of how they’ve gone above and beyond to help those in need.

San Juan Regional Medical Center Offers Free Healthy Living with Diabetes Classes

Our comprehensive Healthy Living with Diabetes series of classes is designed to give you the tools you need to make the lifestyle changes necessary to not only live with diabetes but thrive and live a healthier life. It’s part of our commitment to build a healthier community– at no cost to you.


Newborn Care – Accelerated/Refresher Course

This course is intended to be taken during the third trimester or shortly after you have a baby. The class covers the essentials of taking care of your new arrival and reviews everything from caring and feeding your newborn to well-baby checks.


Breastfeeding Accelerated / Refresher Course

This course is a one-time two-and-a-half-hour course that covers all the basics of breastfeeding.  It is intended for the first-time mom or as a refresher for a mom who has already experienced breastfeeding.  


Postpartum Care and Concerns

The Postpartum Care and Concerns course is intended for patients that have recently delivered, are in their third trimester or who have already had a child and are expecting again and would like a refresher course.

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Healthy Living with Diabetes

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