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San Juan Regional Medical Center and its talented and compassionate healthcare professionals seek to meet the healthcare needs of our community. We offer a broad range of medical, surgical, and rehabilitation service—as well as several off-site clinics that provide convenient primary care, specialty care, diagnostic services, and rehabilitation closer to our patients.

​The building and grounds of San Juan Regional Medical Center and clinics are designated tobacco-free. The use of any tobacco product is prohibited. Smoking is not permitted in the hospital, on the grounds or in vehicles on the grounds.

Adult Rehabilitation Outpatient Center    505.609.6575 

Audiology    505.609.6079

Behavioral Health    505.609.6658

Cancer Center    505.609.6259

Childbirth Center    505.609.6189

Endoscopy    505.609.6399

Imaging and Mammography   505.609.6228

Laboratory     505.609.6385

Pediatric Rehabilitation Outpatient Center    505.609.6013

Rehabilitation Hospital    505.609.2625

San Juan Health Partners Clinics

Behavioral Health     505.609.6680

Brain and Spine     505.609.6595

Family Medicine (120 Llano, Aztec)     505.334.3404

Family Medicine (Farmington)    505.609.2990

Gastroenterology     505.609.6349

General Surgery     505.609.6300

Heart Center     505.609.6770

Internal Medicine and Specialty Services     505.609.6730

Neurology     505.609.6790


Pediatrics     505.609.6700

Physiatry     505.609.2880

Specialty Services (Durango)     970.444.0260

Urgent Care     505.609.6495

Urology     505.609.6380

Wound Treatment Center     505.609.6610


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