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Pediatrics Unit

The pediatrics unit – the only designated one in the Four Corners region – is a warm, comforting, inviting place where our families can receive state-of-the art care. 

  • Private Patient rooms include private bathrooms, flatscreen televisions and sleeper recliners where parents can stay comfortably with their children.

  • Two negative pressure isolation rooms prevent the spread of airborne diseases.
  • Secure Unit entry welcomes patients and families as soon as they enter, while assuring their safety with remote locking secure doors.​

  • Two Nurses stations offer a spacious layout for optimal comfort, functionality and efficiency for our nurses and support staff.
  • Community playroom provides children with a dedicated space to spread out, play and take a much-needed break from their hospital beds. Plenty of toys, games, and activities are available for convenience and comfort while children are away from home.  


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