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Meet Vinny, our da Vinci® Robot

da Vinci® Xi™ Robotic Surgery System

San Juan Regional Medical Center offers minimally-invasive robotic assisted surgeries with the da Vinci Xi Robotic Surgery System. The da Vinci integrates innovative technology with a precision surgical team to provide continued excellent patient outcomes.

What to expect during surgery

During robotic-assisted surgery, the surgeon is 100 percent in control of the da Vinci System, which translates the surgeon’s hand movements into smaller, more precise movements.  The Xi System’s immersive 3D-HD vision system provides surgeons a highly magnified view, virtually extending their eyes and hands into the patient.

Key features and benefits

  • 3D high-definition camera that allows a surgeon to see
    • A crystal-clear and highly magnified view of anatomy during operation
    • Anatomy not normally visible to the human eye
    • The fine details of surgery
  • Access anatomical locations that were previously difficult to reach by other approaches
    • Beyond the limits of the human hand
    • Access hard-to-reach places
  • Precise control
    • Tremor-free, intricate movements

Potential Patient Benefits

  • A shorter hospital stay
  • Less post-operative pain
  • Lower rate of complications
  • Faster recoveries
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