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Price Transparency

San Juan Regional Medical Center is committed to provide pricing information to help patients and their families in making informed decisions regarding their healthcare. By providing information about the cost of healthcare services and making them readily available can help patients and their families gain a better understanding and anticipate their financial responsibly. 

We understand when making healthcare decisions that there is a great deal to consider so we are committed to greater transparency in pricing. Provided in the link below you will find both the chargemaster and inpatient reimbursement pricing.

Price Transparency Spreadsheet

If you have any additional questions or needs please feel free to contact us at 505.609.2800.

Please Note: This list of charges cannot be relied on as the final, set cost for services you may receive as actual expenses can and will vary from patient to patient depending upon your physician’s treatment choices and your particular healthcare needs.

The actual cost you may incur is also dependent on your insurance coverage, your deductible, and maximum out-of-pocket expenses. Please contact your insurance company if you need help understanding your benefits for the service chosen.


Charges - ​The most a hospital can bill a patient's insurer.

Price - The total amount a healthcare provider expects to be paid by the insurer and the patient. The price will differ depending on if a patient has insurance or is eligible for financial assistance.

Cost - To a patient, cost is the amount paid out-of-pocket. This may include the deductible copayment, coinsurance, and amounts that may not be covered by the insurance policy.​

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