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Health Records on iPhone


San Juan Regional Medical Center is making it easier than ever to access important health information. We are now offering Health Records on iPhone, which brings together hospitals, clinics and the existing Apple Health app to make it easy for patients to see their available medical data from their providers whenever they choose.

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The Health Records feature is part of the Health app, which also shows activity, heart rate, nutrition and other health data consolidated from iPhone, Apple Watch and third-party apps our patients already use, enabling them to view all of their progress in one convenient place. Health Records creates a direct connection between San Juan Regional Medical Center and a patient’s iPhone, allowing them to see a central view of their allergies, conditions, immunizations, lab results, medications, procedures and vitals. It also notifies patients when their data is updated.

Health Records on iPhone was designed to protect patients’ privacy through utilizing a direct, encrypted connection between the user’s iPhone and the healthcare organization. Downloaded health records data is stored on-device and encrypted with the user’s iPhone passcode, Touch ID or Face ID. Patients can access Health Records from within the Health app and can download their health records by selecting San Juan Regional Medical Center and authenticating with their patient portal username and password.

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