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Celebrate Life


San Juan Regional Medical Center has been a part of this community for longer than New Mexico has been a state. We are proud of our history providing care for the people of the Four Corners as a community owned and operated hospital.

A couple of years ago we started looking at our commitment to our community and our vision for the future. We spent a great deal of time talking to people, getting honest answers. We kept hearing the same answers over and over. Life matters. Family Matters. Community Matters. Care matters. Better matters.

Based on who we are today and the information we gathered, the caregivers of San Juan Regional Medical Center have joined together in a shared mission and vision, celebrating the pride and joy of life here in the Four Corners.

Life because a full life, however each individual might define that, is what everyone deserves. As caregivers, we want to lay out a path… a path to the fullest life possible.

Better because that’s the driving force in our DNA: better care, better outcomes, better processes. And from the patient perspective, “better” is what they want.

Here because here is where we find our purpose. Here in this hospital; here in this community. We are a community-owned hospital, one of the few in the country. Here is where our patients live, work and play. Here is where they want to receive their care.

Our Mission

Better is our mission – improving lives through personalized health and care.

Our Vision

Our vision is to deliver world-class care, making life better for the communities we are privileged to serve.


Our Core Values


Testimonial:  “We’re here to make our community better.” Check out this short video on what Life Better Here means for ICU Nurse Heather Robinson.


Testimonial:  “San Juan Regional Medical Center has given me my life back; it’s given me hope; it’s given me a new perspective.” Watch Emmet Fowler’s story and learn more about San Juan Regional Medical Center’s commitment to creating life better here for the communities we are privileged to serve. Celebrate Life.

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