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Core Values

The timeless values of Doctors G.W. Sammons and A.M. Smith have fed a century of growth and vision that have made San Juan Regional Medical Center the high-quality health system it is today. When Sammons and Smith opened the first Four Corners “family hospital” in 1910, it was their personal calling to meet a community need. The doctors, with the help of two nursing staff, tirelessly served San Juan County in a humble four-room, eight-bed facility. The values that drove Drs. Sammons and Smith to open a family hospital are still alive and well at San Juan Regional Medical Center today. Those values are Sacred Trust, Personal Reverence, Thoughtful Anticipation, Team Accountability and Creative Vitality. 

Sacred Trust

Everyone who works at San Juan Regional Medical Center—regardless of our purpose—has entered into a covenant with our patients, their families, and each other. It is the most important rule we live by—more important than any budget, policy, or protocol. It is simply: do the right thing for the patient no matter what. And, while the cost of following it may sometimes be high in dollars, effort, or inconvenience, the cost of not following it is always much higher for it is paid in honor, integrity, and meaning. No one here should ever feel unconnected or alone. We rely on each other to follow this covenant because the power it taps in each of us is the power to be great.

Personal Reverence
We see the process of healing as more than the medicine we administer. Healing embodies a connection—a connection between the heart and the head, between art and science, and between the caregiver and the patient. We cannot truly heal without the active involvement and constant support that families and friends impart. At the same time, whether we are a patient, a family member, or a healing professional, each of us is unique. This uniqueness is at the core of our mission and vision. And, when we make each and every person feel important, understood, and included, we will have gone well beyond tolerance—beyond respect—to reverence. We will look for and honor the differences in each person regardless of their culture, background, or disease. Every day we choose to believe the best about each person, and we will actively and honestly assist their efforts to improve. Even in the most difficult of circumstances, we are still called to be empathetic and caring.


Thoughtful Anticipation
Excellence doesn't just happen. It is the result of reflective anticipation and innovative problem-solving. Experiencing excellence is about knowing everyone we serve, anticipating their needs, and building solutions into our processes and relationships with the same energy and creativity we bring to emergencies. We must act ahead and cause discovery—not just recovery—so that anticipation is always an essential part of our approach. We must learn from everything we do and always strive to make it better the next time.

Team Accountability
Quality and teamwork are inseparable. We hold ourselves and each other to a higher standard—one where our actions are consistent with our values and goals. Our accountability is ultimately to our patients, and it takes all of our collective talents and skills to be successful. We strive to be stewards of the community’s resources and will constantly promote best practices. For us, accountability is much more than an obligation or an expectation.


Creative Vitality
We must always look at things in new and energetic ways. We will ask the question "Why?" before we answer the question "How?" Since skills evolve, needs change, and processes can improve, we will constantly reinvent ourselves. We are therefore committed to lifelong learning to find innovative and evidence-based approaches to meeting our community’s evolving healthcare needs. We value enthusiasm and discipline because it’s in the balance of these that the most creative solutions are found.



Our Mission

Better is our mission – improving lives through personalized health and care.

Our Vision

Our vision is to deliver world-class care, making life better for the communities we are privileged to serve.


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