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Volunteers are extremely important to San Juan Regional Medical Center. Not only do they supplement and support our employees to deliver excellent patient care, they also do a great job with fund-raising. Proceeds from fund-raising, including sales from the gift market are used to purchase equipment for the hospital and provide educational assistance to people pursuing careers that will benefit San Juan Regional Medical Center. Volunteers are also eligible for educational assistance.

Why Volunteer?
Most people volunteer because they want to help others. However, there are many personal benefits to volunteering, such as: feeling needed and valued, learning or developing skills, gaining experience, building self-confidence, improving health, socializing and meeting new people. 

This is what our volunteers have accomplished in the past year. Join us!

§  130 volunteers gave their time, totaling 24,600 hours

§  The Auxiliary donated $40,516 for new hospital equipment and provided $52,043 in scholarship funds

§  Volunteers personalized care by wheeling 1,273 patients to the main entrance so they could return home, visited 879 patients while delivering flowers and balloons to their rooms, and walked 3,106 visitors to their destination in the hospital  

§  The Crafty Creations group handmade 1,292 critters, eye pillows, quilts, baby stockings and more

Be a volunteer and get paid in hugs!

If you are interested in joining this great group of people, apply today! 

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