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San Juan Regional Medical Center was one of the first in the State of New Mexico to secure the IMPELLA technology for patients who present with a heart attack and shock.

What it does: The IMPELLA is a miniaturized pump with a motor that runs at 50,000 RPM. It is inserted in the heart to pump blood out of the heart. The IMPELLA temporarily supplements the heart’s pumping ability, allowing the heart to rest and recover as normal blood flow is re-established. It can pump 2.5 liters of blood per minute—nearly half of the body’s normal capacity.

When is it used: The IMPELLA is used during high-risk angioplasty (ballooning) and/or stenting, or for patients experiencing an acute heart attack and shock. The risk of death for patients who have a heart attack and shock is over 50 percent without the IMPELLA. With the IMPELLA, it is reduced to less than 20 percent.

How it works: It is inserted in the heart to pump blood out of the heart. The IMPELLA moves the blood through the heart and to the other organs. It relieves the heart and provides time and options in the middle of high-risk events.


  • Minimally invasive
  • New treatment option for higher-risk patients
  • Enables patients to be stabilized quickly after an acute cardiac event
  • Reduces blood-flow disruptions that can cause heart damage

Patient Testimonials: At the age of 28, Josh suffered a severe heart attack. The world's smallest heart pump, the IMPELLA saved Josh's life. San Juan Regional Medical Center has over a 90% survival rate in patients in whom we use the IMPELLA. Click here to see Josh’s testimonial video

Robert Palmer was driving his service truck when he started feeling intense pain in his chest and throbbing in his left arm. He knew he was having a heart attack. Without the IMPELLA, Robert would not have survived. Click here to view Robert's testimonial video

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