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Pain Management

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Pain happens. It’s a prime symptom of most injuries and illnesses. When the pain fades, you know that you’re getting better. But what happens when the pain does not go away–when it lingers for months or even years? Chronic pain is pain lasting three months or pain lasting longer than expected.

Dealing with chronic pain is never easy and nearly always requires more than one approach or treatment. A good pain management team can help you reduce your suffering even if the pain is never entirely eliminated. And, more important, pain management can help you learn to go on with your life.

Dr. Jonathan Jones and Dr. Dmitry Garmaev are here to help you. Both doctors specialize in Interventional Pain Management - including these areas:
  • Shoulder
  • Hip
  • Knee
  • Spine


Pain Management Q&A with Dr. Jones

Who can benefit from your services?

Dr. Jones: Most people who experience pain get better in four to six weeks, but for some people the pain will linger on and be detrimental to their lifestyle. That’s where I step in. If their pain becomes chronic and unmanageable, interventional pain management can become very helpful. It allows them to live a more fulfilling life.

Is interventional pain management the solution for everyone?

Dr. Jones: People will come in and they’ve had pain for ten to fifteen years and have tried a host of different treatments. Often times you can help those people. Although interventional pain management can’t fix everybody, it can fix a lot of people. What I can’t fix I work with neurosurgeons and other specialists to focus on what else can be done.


Do you have any tips that can help people reduce their pain levels?

Dr. Jones: Maintain a healthy weight, a healthy lifestyle in terms of exercise and activity, and to get enough sleep. Sleep is quite important for people to not have chronic pain.


If you or someone you love is suffering from chronic or acute pain, help is available. Call San Juan Regional Spine Center at 505.609.6595 to schedule an appointment.


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