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Community Benefit

San Juan Regional Medical Center community benefit programs are extensive. Free educational programs, support groups, health fairs, flu vaccination clinics, low-cost blood screenings, direct donations, and scholarships all support the cause of a healthier San Juan County. One example of our community benefit is that we regularly broadcast programs on various health topics in Navajo on a Navajo-speaking radio station to address the needs of that underserved community for wellness information.

Meeting the Healthcare Needs of the Community

  • A healthcare needs assessment survey is performed annually. In the constant effort to meet community health needs, San Juan Regional Medical Center seeks to:
  • Improve physician access through a vigorous physician recruiting program
  • Participate voluntarily in reporting data to the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services (CMS) and other organizations so that consumers of healthcare can be better informed
  • Provide community education and community benefit programs


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