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San Juan Regional Medical Center is governed by a corporation that meets on a quarterly basis to provide guidance and leadership to our hospital. It’s made up of representatives from local non-profit organizations. Any non-profit organization in San Juan County—including civic groups, churches, fraternal organizations, veterans groups, etc.—may select two representatives from their organization to serve on the corporation.

“A hospital association consisting of C. C. Mumma, George Allen, Al Dustin, Troy King, Harry Baldwin, J.A. Gooding, and Sam Lancaster purchased [the hospital building and land in 1921]. All church organizations and civic organizations began money-making projects to help finance the hospital. The seven directors were never paid. They took turns advancing the hospital money in order to buy needed supplies.”
-Notes by Miriam Taylor on San Juan Hospital's early days

Currently, over 90 organizations are represented. Members of the hospital corporation are selected at the corporation’s annual meeting to serve on the Board of Directors for a term of three years. The 12-member board (or 13 members with the immediate past chairperson) is responsible for overall governance of our hospital.

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