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San Juan Regional Medical Center Offering O-arm™ Technology in the Operating Room

San Juan Regional Medical Center is proud to have the first and only O-arm™ Surgical Imaging System in the Four Corners. 

San Juan Regional Medical Center Announces DAISY® Award Winners

San Juan Regional Medical Center is proud to announce that two more of our esteemed nurses are now DAISY® Award honorees.

San Juan Regional Medical Center Announces New Chief Executive Officer

San Juan Regional Medical Center has named Jason Rounds, MBA, FACHE, CHFP, as the hospital’s new president and chief executive officer. Rounds, a healthcare executive with over 30 years of executive level experience in not for profit and academic medical centers, will begin his new role as CEO at San Juan Regional Medical Center in early May.


Healthy Pregnancy Series Class

This class is intended to be taken prior to getting pregnant or in the first trimester but parents are welcome to take the class at any point. This is a 3-part course that addresses what is happening to mom and baby each trimester, the importance of nutrition and healthy practices during pregnancy, staying active during pregnancy and getting ready for baby.


Postpartum Care and Concerns

The Postpartum Care and Concerns course is intended for patients that have recently delivered, are in their third trimester or who have already had a child and are expecting again and would like a refresher course.


Pregnancy and Nutrition

This single class will cover the essential nutrients needed for a healthy pregnancy and good sources of these nutrients, caloric needs by trimester, the importance of exercise and remaining active, resources to explore and fun recipes to try.

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Get Back To Life

Our experts offer the most comprehensive total spine program in the region.

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