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Pathways to Purpose

San Juan Regional Medical Center supports a number of education programs that lead to a certificate in a healthcare field where there is a large demand for trained technicians. Some of the programs are coordinated with other institutions and will require enrollment at that institution to take classes. Some of the programs require prerequisites and other entry requirements. All of the programs can be completed in two years or less (excluding time to complete prerequisites) and are in healthcare fields that are expected to continue growing well into the future.

• Perioperative 101

The course is designed to train a registered nurse currently employed with SJRMC to be a fully-functional operating room nurse. Each participant will receive training from theory to practicum in sterile technique, and pre-, post-, and intra-operative functions. The registered nurse will join the SJRMC operating room staff and complete the course as a staff member. After successful completion, the registered nurse will be guaranteed a job within the operating room as a staff nurse. 
Prerequisites: Must be a registered nurse currently employed with SJRMC 
Application deadline: Depending on need 
Length of study: Eight months 
Contact: Coty Sewell, 505.609.2308,

• Radiologic Technologist

A radiologic technologist takes diagnostic X-rays in a hospital or clinical setting. Patients include outpatients, inpatients, emergency room, operating room, and portables in the patient rooms. Career advancement can include performing exams in other modalities including CT, MRI, nuclear medicine, ultrasound, interventional radiography, radiation therapy, etc. Students are required to complete 336 hours of clinical education at the hospital a semester. They must enroll at Weber State University and visit Ogden, Utah, three times a semester for two days of classes. Participants also visit Cortez, Colorado two times for an afternoon of class. Studying is on the student’s own time and tests are taken online. Upon program completion, the student must successfully pass a national registry exam. 
Prerequisites: Freshman composition, advanced composition, intermediate algebra, anatomy and physiology I and II 
Application Deadline: January 10 each year 
Length of Study: Five semesters (1 ½ years) 
Contact: Amy Bulloch, 505.609.6228,
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• Respiratory Therapist

A respiratory therapist is a highly trained professional specializing in the diagnostic, therapeutic, management, and prevention of diseases associated with the cardiopulmonary (lungs and breathing) system. Students must enroll through San Juan College, but before acceptance into the program, students must pass a drug screening and background check. The program consists of five semesters of theory, laboratory, and clinical internships in respiratory care techniques and leads to an associate’s degree in respiratory care. Courses must be taken in sequence and completed with a ‘C’ grade or better. Natural science courses must also be completed with a ‘C’ grade or better. Graduates of the program become eligible for registry by the National Board for Respiratory Care. 
Prerequisites: Biology, chemistry, math for health careers, freshman composition, and public speaking or interpersonal communications 
Application deadline: July 1st of every year 
Length of Study: Two years 
Karen Tuohey, 505.566.3854, 
Frances Harris, Administrative Assistant II, 505.566.3851, 

• Certified Surgical Technologist 

This program is designed to instruct students in their understanding of the tasks and responsibilities of the surgical technologist in the operating room. Students must enroll at San Juan College and take required courses. Areas of study will include—but are not limited to—aseptic technique, positioning of patients, preparation of instrumentation, pull of case carts, setting up rooms, assisting the surgeon during actual surgical procedures, and understanding their role during surgery. With the completion of this program and the required prerequisites, the student will have an AAS and be a Surgical Technologist or ST. Sitting for the certification exam will still be required prior to completion of the required courses and case load. Prerequisites: medical terminology, human anatomy and physiology I and II, microbiology, English, Math, Humanities. 
Application deadline: April 
Length of Study: 12 months 
Contact: Maxine Chapman, 505.566.3492 or 505.566.3853, 


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