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Frequently Asked Questions

The recruitment process can be exciting and can lead to many questions. Our recruiters have compiled a list of frequently asked questions to better serve our candidates and employees as they search our organization for the perfect career.

What benefits are provided?

- Our benefits include medical, dental, vision, life insurance among many others.

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When do the benefits start?

- Benefits for full time employees start 60 days from hire.

Does the company help with repayment of student loans?

- Not at this time. SJRMC offers tuition assistance for academic classes and reimbursement for professional certifications.

Will my degree and/or certifications be recognized for compensation?

- Absolutely! SJRMC employees are eligible for the following continuing education benefit funds after six (6) consecutive months of working at half-time or greater status (36 hours or more per pay period).

Is there opportunity for career advancement?

- Yes! We love to see our employees grow with our organization. 

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Does the organization provide childcare?

- Children's Discovery Place is available to all employees with limited availability.

What is the waiting period before an employee can transfer?

- Employees are eligible for transfer after one year and three months of being in their current role.

Are there evaluation incentives?

- Yes, this will be determined by your hiring manager.

What are the hours for a half time position?

- The hours for a half time position start at 24 hours a week.

What are the scrub colors?

- Navy blue (Indigo), Grape (Purple Rain), galaxy blue (Galaxy), royal (New Royal), Teal, Black, Hunter, Pewter (Charcoal or Steel), grey (Platinum Grey or Moonstruck), Wine, Caribbean Blue (Bahama), and Olive.

Does the hospital provide scrubs to employees?

- Yes. Our company will provide and launder all employee scrubs.

Does the hospital carry malpractice insurance?

- At this time, employees needing malpractice insurance will have to carry their own.

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