Wednesday, February 7, 2024 San Juan Regional Medical Center Announces 2024/2025 Board of Directors

San Juan Regional Medical Center is pleased to announce the 2024/2025 Board of Directors, approved by our Corporation members at last week’s meeting.     

Please join us in welcoming Sara Kaynor, a returning board member and longtime corporation member, representing New Covenant United Methodist Church. We’re pleased to welcome Debbie Joslin, a new board member representing Children’s Hope Foundation. We also welcome Dr. James Boyd, a general surgeon at San Juan Health Partners General Surgery.

Dr. Boyd will serve as Vice Chief of Staff and Dr. David Devitre, hospitalist at San Juan Regional Medical Center, moves into the Chief of Staff role. He replaces Dr. Daniel Mannas, a urologist at San Juan Health Partners Urology. We thank Dr. Mannas for his expertise and leadership on the board, where he served as Chief of Staff in 2023 and Vice Chief of Staff in 2022. 

Shaña Reeves, who represents the City of Farmington at the Corporation Board, is now serving as Board Chair with Sam Gonzales, who represents Hills Church, moving to the position of Immediate Past Chair. Sara Kaynor is serving as Vice Chair. She has extensive experience in the non-profit sector. She served as CEO of ECHO Inc. for 27 years and has served on numerous boards, including SJRMC’s Board and Auxiliary Board, the Robert W. Umbach Foundation Board, San Juan Medical Foundation Board and San Juan County Partnership Board, to name a few. She volunteers with her therapy dog, a golden retriever named Sophie, at the hospital, area nursing homes, schools and the Farmington Boys and Girls Club. 

Debbie Joslin joins the board as a member. She has over 20 years of experience in providing leadership to non-profits both as a board member and as an Executive Director. She serves as the Executive Director of Children’s Hope Foundation and is passionate about traveling to other countries such as Kenya and Honduras to offer care, support and education to women and children. 

Board Secretary John Byrom is leaving the board after completing his two terms. Byrom joined the board in 2018 as a representative for Four Corners Economic Development. We are grateful for his dedication to making our community a better place to live through his service to the board. Anna Buffington, Auxiliary representative for the corporation, is assuming the secretary role and will continue to serve on the board as the Auxiliary representative. 

“I’m thrilled to welcome both Debbie and Sara to the board! Debbie is going to add yet another new perspective and new insight to our team, while Sara is going to bring invaluable experience and insight as the Vice Chair. Their experience leading local non-profits, along with their commitment to bettering the health and wellbeing of our community, joined with the rest of the board members is a tremendous asset,” said Board Chair Reeves. “I look forward to what this group will accomplish in 2024 in our continued effort to support our community hospital and create life better here and ultimately achieve our mission: Better is our mission, improving lives through personalized health and care.”      

San Juan Regional Medical Center President and CEO Jason Rounds added, “We are grateful to John Byrom and Dr. Mannas for generously sharing their time and expertise in service to our Board of Directors and thank them for the countless hours they have spent in service to our community hospital. We couldn’t carry out our mission and vision without our Board. I am truly awed by your dedication to improving healthcare in the Four Corners.”

San Juan Regional Medical Center’s Corporation is unique in its structure. Community members representing non-profit organizations in San Juan County make up the general corporation membership, which elects the Board of Directors. These individuals represent the voice of the community and provide guidance and leadership to the hospital. Any non-profit in San Juan County is encouraged to select two members from their organization to serve on the corporation. To learn more, visit   


San Juan Regional Medical Center 2024/2025 Board of Directors

Chair – Shaña Reeves

Vice Chair – Sara Kaynor

Secretary/Auxiliary Representative– Anna Buffington

Member – James Spence, MD

Member – Hyla Calcote

Member – Jon Moore 

Member – Danny Beyhan

Member – Rick Quevedo

Member – Esther Greyeyes 

Member – Debbie Joslin

Chief of Staff – David Devitre, DO

Vice Chief of Staff – James Boyd, MD, FACS

Immediate Past President – Sam Gonzales

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