COVID-19 Information

COVID to Home

San Juan Regional Medical Center is coordinating care and providing close monitoring to COVID-19 patients and those with signs and symptoms of the virus while they recover at home through our COVID to Home (C2H) clinic. 

This program, which is based on Vanderbilt University’s Care Model, has treated patients since April 2020. It is available to COVID patients who do not have a primary care provider who are either discharged home for self-isolation or do not require hospitalization. C2H providers conduct routine telemedicine visits, either by phone or video conferencing, to follow up with the patients to ensure safe and effective care at home until they have recovered.  

Goals of the C2H clinic include:

· Utilize telemedicine for frequent monitoring to promote social distancing

· Coordinate safe and effective transfer to a higher level of care when indicated

· Decrease the number of COVID-19 related visits to Urgent Care and the Emergency Department

· Decrease the number of admitted patients to the hospital secondary to safe and effective care at home

· Decrease healthcare worker exposure to COVID-19 

· Conserve PPE

· Promote social distancing to flatten the curve and mitigate overwhelming the local healthcare infrastructure

Patients who are interested in this program can call 505.609.6284 to be screened for enrollment. Providers who would like to refer a patient and/or get a copy of the protocol are also asked to call this number.



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