Friday, August 12, 2022 San Juan Regional Medical Center Honors Nurses with DAISY® Awards

Two outstanding San Juan Regional Medical Center nurses were honored this week for their compassionate care with DAISY® Awards.

Emmy Melendez transferred from the Surgical Unit to the ICU/PCU in January. Shortly after her orientation to critical care, she graciously offered to help her team and work a week of night shifts despite being new to the department and continuing to learn a new set of skills and management of critical patients. During one of those shifts, Emmy was called upon to help with a difficult conflict between patients who were involved in an accident where one allegedly harmed the other, one of whom she knew personally. With Sacred Trust calling on her to do what was right, Emmy was able to put any personal feelings aside and care for the patient with dignity.

“Emmy professionally and compassionately provided this patient with the care required, when she could have very easily walked away from the entire situation,” ICU Assistant Manager Morgan VerHaar said in her nomination. 

“We all have private lives, but we have to leave all that at the entrance and be nurses full time, always, and provide the best care we can for them, hoping that whenever our family member comes in, that they receive the same quality care that we give,” Melendez said.

Morgan Attaway is a nurse in the Emergency Department. She was working when a patient, Joseph Fredella, came in with a serious injury to his hand. He was very squeamish about blood. His wife Alicia said, “From the moment Morgan encountered Joseph she was kind, efficient, compassionate and also very intuitive.” Morgan realized how uncomfortable he was and managed to take his mind away from his injury and calm him, all while in motion caring for him. “Morgan reassured him every step of the way in his care and explained everything and ensured Joseph understood. I am sure Morgan sees people with all kinds of injuries but to Joseph she made all the difference that day!” Alicia wrote in her nomination.

“Especially these last couple of years, it’s hard as healthcare worker sometimes to remember why we do this… so this is just affirmation for me that I am making a difference,” Attaway said.

Say thank you to a nurse today by nominating them for a DAISY® Award at or by scanning the QR code below. 

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