Thursday, September 22, 2022 San Juan Regional Medical Center Announces Additional New Class Offerings for Expecting Parents

San Juan Regional Medical Center’s Childbirth Center is pleased to announce several new class offerings to meet the needs of new and expecting parents in our community.

Newborn Care - Accelerated/Refresher Course

  • This course is a one-time, three-hour session to go over the essentials of caring for your newborn baby. 
  • It’s intended to be taken during the third trimester or shortly after delivery.
  • Parents who have taken the childbirth education series course have covered these topics but are welcome to attend for a refresher. 

To register for this course, visit

Pregnant Teen - Childbirth Education and Infant Care Series

  • This is a 6-week course designed to address the unique challenges faced by pregnant teens, ages 13 to 19. 
  • It will cover what to expect during each trimester of the pregnancy, self-care and nutrition needs for a pregnant teen, what happens during the childbirth and delivery process, what happens during the postpartum period, breastfeeding and infant care. 
  • Teens are welcome to bring a support person who will be with them through the process. 
  • This class will be offered once in the fall, once in the spring and again in the summer and can be taken at any point in a teen’s pregnancy.

To register for this course, visit

We also offer several monthly classes, including our Childbirth Preparation Series, Accelerated/Refresher Childbirth Preparation class and Postpartum Care and Concerns. To learn more about any of our class offerings, visit or contact our Childbirth Patient Educator Kathy Coleman at or 505.609.3184.

As always, all our Childbirth Center classes are offered free of charge as a community benefit compliments of San Juan Regional Medical Center, your community owned and operated hospital.

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