Thursday, January 12, 2023 San Juan Regional Medical Center Unveils Pediatrics Unit Remodel

San Juan Regional Medical Center’s newly remodeled Pediatrics Unit is ready to serve our community’s youngest patients. A ribbon cutting ceremony was held Wednesday to thank our community for the incredible outpouring of support that led to much-needed, hugely impactful improvements.

San Juan Medical Foundation led the fundraising efforts with its Building Wings Children’s Fund as part of its continued commitment to providing Farmington, and the broader Four Corners region, with high-quality healthcare services. Their efforts raised $779,235.

“We want San Juan Regional Medical Center’s pediatric unit to be a great place for patients, a great place for parents, and a great place for staff to continue providing compassionate care,” said Audra Winters, Executive Director of San Juan Medical Foundation. “We are so pleased that this renovation has brought our beloved pediatric wing up to date and equipped to deliver quality care for years to come.”

The pediatrics unit – the only designated one in the Four Corners region – is a warm, comforting, inviting place where our families can receive state-of-the art care. Renovations include:

  • Patient room upgrades, including private bathrooms, flatscreen televisions and sleeper recliners donated by San Juan Regional Medical Center’s Auxiliary, where parents can stay comfortably with their children.

  • Two negative pressure isolation rooms to prevent the spread of airborne diseases.
  • Unit entry upgrade with enhanced security to welcome patients and families as soon as they enter, while assuring their safety with remote locking secure doors.

  • Nurse station upgrade with a spacious layout for optimal comfort, functionality and efficiency for our nurses and support staff.
  • Addition of a community playroom to provide children with a dedicated space to spread out, play and take a much-needed break from their hospital beds.

“The entire unit has been designed for comfort and flow. The bright colors provide more of a healing environment and that is really important, particularly for the kids. We know they are ready to go home when they start playing, smiling and are happy again,” said Dr. Brad Scoggins, Pediatrician.

The community playroom was graciously donated by Dr. Scoggins and his wife Teresa. There are a limited number of remaining naming opportunities to ensure the comfort and care of Four Corners children for years to come. To learn more about those, visit In addition, a group from Leadership San Juan held a toy drive to provide new toys for the playroom. We thank all our outstanding community members and local businesses for their generosity, raising money during the height of the pandemic, to make this remodel a reality.

“As a community owned and operated hospital, we have a proud history and commitment to serving our community. We are so thankful for the continued support of our community to rally around us and ensure that our pediatric patients can get the care they need right here at home,” said John Mayer, CFO and Acting Administrator.   

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