Wednesday, June 28, 2023 New Childbirth Classes at San Juan Regional Medical Center

Gearing up to welcome a new bundle of joy? Let San Juan Regional Medical Center’s Childbirth Education classes help prepare you. We are offering three new complementary classes for expecting parents this summer.

Childbirth Education Weekend Intensive Course

This intensive weekend course is a great option for parents who want a shorter format with all the information from the full childbirth education series. The course includes a tour of the Childbirth Center as well as key topics including: what to expect the third trimester, healthy habits, what to expect in labor and delivery, breathing and comfort measures and techniques for labor, postpartum care for mom and baby, breastfeeding and taking care of your newborn.  

July 14-15:

August 25-26:

Labor and Pain Management

This single class covers one of the most feared aspects of having a baby – the pain associated with labor and delivery. Learn what to expect during all stages of labor and how to cope with the pain whether you are having a natural childbirth or plan to use pain interventions. You will learn breathing strategies, birth ball and stretching exercises and how to prepare your body for labor and delivery. You will also learn some relaxation strategies. This class is intended for mom to take with her labor partner. Dress comfortably and be ready to do various exercises.   

August 19:

August 24:

Gearing Up!

The baby industry makes billions each year selling items that you may only use a few times or not at all. So, what’s worth the investment? This single class covers what you need to have as you bring your baby home from the hospital, from the absolute essentials to what you shouldn’t waste money on and the things that are considered no longer safe, even if they are still on the market. Learn what is safe to buy used or borrow versus what should be a new purchase. We will cover keeping up with product recalls, safety guidelines, product expirations and how to determine if something is a good buy.   

August 31:

All classes are held in the Childbirth Center Classroom on the fifth floor of San Juan Regional Medical Center. For a full list of all the current classes offered FREE to our expecting parents as a community benefit, visit

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