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Wednesday, October 28, 2020 San Juan Regional Medical Center Receives New Beds to Enhance Patient Care, Donates Replaced Beds to Charity

Patients at San Juan Regional Medical Center are now benefitting from new state-of-the-art beds. The 154 new beds, part of the $42.5 million municipal bond refunding and refinancing initiative, replace the existing beds in the medical, surgical, nephrology and critical care units, as well as the childbirth center.

“This is a significant investment into the wellbeing of the patients,” said Chief Nursing Officer Suzanne Smith. “We are very excited to have this opportunity to provide both great care and technology for the staff and for the patients.”

The new beds are a little wider than the previous model, providing more comfort for our patients. They include state-of-the-art mattresses which help prevent skin break down and convenient in-bed scales that help expedite work for the nursing staff. The ICU beds include technology specific to the ICU to help critical patients who are unable to move themselves. All of the beds allow for easy mobility, increasing patient safety and comfort. 

It’s an exciting project with many advantages to both our patients and our caregivers. “It enhances the workflow for the nurses, but they are also excited because they know that it makes it more comfortable for the patient, and that is important to the nursing staff,” Smith said.    

San Juan Regional Medical Center donated 15 of the replaced beds to the American Initiative for Health and Wellness in Africa (AIHWA), a non-profit organization headquartered in Pagosa Springs that strives to improve healthcare in Nigeria through medical education, medical missions, financial support for patients, and counseling and mental health services.  In addition, one bed was donated to San Juan College. Several more beds will be placed in reserve at San Juan Regional Medical Center in case we have a need for increased patient volumes.

To see a video of the beds as they arrived and were taken up to the floors, visit our YouTube Channel at and be sure to follow San Juan Regional Medical Center on Facebook. 

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