O-arm™ Technology at SJRMC

San Juan Regional Medical Center is proud to have the first and only O-arm™ Surgical Imaging System in the Four Corners. The O-arm™ is a mobile intraoperative imaging system that provides real-time images of a patient’s anatomy in both two and three dimensions. This type of imaging allows the surgeon to navigate their surgical instrumentation with enhanced precision and accuracy, resulting in improved patient safety.

“The O-arm™ has two exciting things about it, guidance and confirming placement of instrumentation,” explained neurological surgeon Dr. Christopher Payne. “It tells us where to put the instrumentation, so as instruments enter the bone we can see where in the bone they are going. Then after we can check with another scan to see exactly where everything went.” 

The O-Arm is placed into position for imaging during an operation at San Juan Regional Medical Center.

Along with the navigation and surgical feedback capabilities, the O-arm™ system:

  • Provides enhanced 3D visibility  
  • Enhances minimally invasive surgical approaches
  • Helps reduce the risk of complications 
  • Improves surgical outcomes 
  • Streamlines workflow 
  • Decreases operative time 

Dr. Christopher Payne observes imagery taken by the O-Arm during a surgery at San Juan Regional Medical Center.

“It helps us place our instrumentation in a timelier fashion. From a patient standpoint that means less time in the operating room, less time under general anesthesia. Less surgical time typically results in decreased infection rates and increases the safety in the operating room. That is something we want to maximize as much as possible,” Dr. Payne said.

With the addition of the O-arm™, San Juan Regional Medical Center’s neurosurgeons now have the ability to use 3D and provide improved navigation technology during cranial and spinal procedures.  

The mobile O-Arm is wheeled towards a surgical suite at San Juan Regional Medical Center.


To learn more about Dr. Christopher Payne visit San Juan Regional Brain and Spine.

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