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At San Juan Regional Medical Center, we believe in creating life better here for our community. No matter what a fulfilling life looks like to you- it all starts with your health. Our goal is to provide you with the resources and tools you need to live a healthy life and enjoy the activities that make you complete. 

One great resource we offer on our website is a dedicated Health Library. It contains a wealth of information, from the latest health news, articles on specific conditions and treatments, videos and quizzes, to a healthy living section with featured recipes and more.

The health library is easy to access either from this direct link: If you are visiting the home page of our website,, you can look at the green menu bar across the top of the page. Under health information, click on Health Library.  

Conditions and Treatments

A great resource that’s a go-to place for information about diseases you or someone you know may have is the “Conditions and Treatments” section. This area of the Health Library has in-depth information about everything from allergies to eye care, women’s health to mental health. It’s also grouped into easy-to-find categories, including:

Adult Health Library

Pediatric Health Library

Tests and Procedures

Prevention Guidelines 

Your Family 

If you have a family, don’t miss the “Your Family” section. There’s everything from age-specific concerns you might run into with your children to health issues for men and women, and all kinds of resources to help older adults live better and longer. 

Drugs, Herbs & Supplements

If you take medications or are interested in herbs and supplements, check out the “Drugs, Herbs and Supplements” section. There, you can search a comprehensive drug reference for answers to questions about 33,000 different medications. There’s even have a drug interaction checker so you can make sure the medications you’re taking are safe to take together. 

News Center

The “News Center” contains the latest health news with a focus on health that changes periodically, along with health highlights, the latest clinical trials and timely health tips. You can even access specific newsletters with information targeted to specific interests, such as Heart Care or Men’s Health.

Tools & Multimedia

If you just don’t feel like reading, head over to the “Tools and Multimedia” section. That’s where the videos, calculators, quizzes and risk assessments are. You can take a quiz, watch a video, or try one of the many calculators:

Ovulation date calculator

Calorie burn rate calculator

Cost of drinking calculator 

Nutrition & General Wellness

If you are looking for recipes, go to “Nutrition and General Wellness.” There, you can look up healthy recipes by food category. Say you have beef in the freezer and need a meal idea. You can find that here. Beef vegetable soup, gourmet pizza burgers, mandarin stir-fry beef? What sounds tasty to you? There are even desserts and healthy snacks recipes. 

Our Health Library is a treasure trove of information designed to help you create a healthy lifestyle so you can live your life to the fullest. All this information is FREE and easy to access. We even have content in Spanish. Check it out for yourself and tell your friends and family about it too.  

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