Meet our Childbirth Patient Educator

San Juan Regional Medical Center’s Childbirth Center has a new patient educator. Kathy Coleman has 30 years’ experience teaching public education. She most recently taught anatomy, physiology and biology, and has also been an administrator and a librarian.

“I have a broad spectrum of experience in education, and I feel that’s a real benefit in this position because the position is teaching, it’s helping people understand the process of childbirth,” Coleman said.

As Childbirth Patient Educator, Coleman helps patients understand the process of pregnancy, what’s going to happen in labor and delivery, and what happens afterwards, from breastfeeding to postpartum care and newborn care for both mom and baby.

“Knowledge is power. If you understand what’s going on, then you can make better informed decisions as a patient,” Coleman said.

Coleman is excited to be part of the medical profession and looks forward to sharing her knowledge of the human body with expecting moms and their partners. She recommends that pregnant women take the Childbirth Preparation Series of classes late in their second or early in their third trimester. Those who only have a limited amount of time or have given birth before should check out the Accelerated Refresher Childbirth class. New parents who recently gave birth are welcome to take the new Postpartum Care and Concerns class. More information on all the classes can be found here.

To register for any of San Juan Regional Medical Center’s Childbirth Center classes, which are free of charge as a benefit to our community, visit us online. Classes are offered monthly.  

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