Busting Common COVID Myths

There’s a lot of information going around about COVID-19. So how do you know what’s true and what’s not? We investigate some of the most common COVID myths and ask our expert, Emergency Medicine Physician Dr. Brad Greenberg, to weigh in.

MYTH: The vaccine is NOT effective against Delta.

The great news is the vaccine is effective against delta. The vaccines were developed against the original strain of COVID-19 but as we have seen the vaccines remain very effective. But how effective? If you are fully vaccinated, you are 8 times less likely to be infected with the delta variant. But in addition to that, the real protection with the vaccine is in its effectiveness against severe COVID. You are 25 times less likely to be hospitalized if you have been fully vaccinated and 25 times less likely to die from COVID.

MYTH: If I’ve had the vaccine, I can’t get COVID.

It’s true that when fully vaccinated you can still contract COVID-19, especially with the delta variant. The important thing is you still have protection against severe COVID which includes hospitalization and death. If you do find yourself ill and you are fully vaccinated you could have COVID. And if you do have COVID you could very well transmit it to others, or those that are not eligible for vaccines. So, it’s important to continue with those other COVID safe practices, masking, social distancing, really good hand hygiene. Be aware of your own health and if you are feeling ill don’t spend time with others that may be vulnerable.

MYTH: The vaccine just isn’t safe.

The three FDA approved COVID-19 vaccinations are some of the best studied medicines in the history of medication. In a very short time frame these medications went through the rigorous structure of FDA approval the number of doses of vaccines administered in the U.S. is 342 million. We are all worried about the different kinds of reactions folks are having to it, but really when we look at the data across those really large numbers, the likelihood of reactions is very, very small. Of course, normal side effects associated with the vaccination can include a range of uncomfortable symptoms. Those uncomfortable symptoms sometimes look like low grade fever, body aches, malaise, fatigue and headache. You can feel reassured that you not feeling terribly well is an indication your body is building that immune response, which is the intended effect of those vaccines.

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