Friday, August 25, 2023 Compassionate Nurses Honored with DAISY® Awards

San Juan Regional Medical Center congratulates the two latest recipients of the DAISY® Award for excellence in nursing.

Sharmayne Delgarito is a nurse on the Medical Unit who consistently shows extraordinary care for her patients. She was recently caring for a Navajo patient and found out they were brother and sister by clan. The two soon formed a bond and Sharmayne spent time listening to his stories and easing his loneliness. “I’m certain this extra effort to just spend time with this patient gave him comfort and happiness,” Medical Unit Assistant Manager Allison Herrera said. “Sharmayne consistently shows this level of personal care, it’s just a part of her normal day. She is always going above and beyond to make her patients feel at home and cared for and I know this night made a meaningful difference in this patient’s life.”

Sharmayne Delgarito

“It means a lot to me because when you go into this job you pour your whole heart into it. I came here to give my all to these patients. I know how it feels to be in their situation, and I just want to be the light for those people,” Sharmayne said. 

The second DAISY® recipient is Nicole Dunkle, a nurse on the Cardiology Unit. Nicole was caring for an elderly patient who had a pacemaker put in. All this patient wanted was to go home to take care of his wife. Nicole took the time to get down to eye level him, hold his hand, tell him that she understood his worry and frustration and then explained to him what could happen if he went home as sick as he was. When Nicole was going on her day off, she spoke to the nurse who would be caring for this patient and advocated for him as much as she could.

“The amount of time Nicole spent making sure he understood everything, the patience and compassion she showed all of us, makes her so worthy of any reward you can give her. I absolutely love her, and she will always be my DAISY,” the patient’s daughter said.

Nicole Dunkle

“We all struggle at times so it was important that we showed him the support he needed to take care of himself so he could take care of his wife,” Nicole said. Of receiving a DAISY® Award, she added, “It’s unbelievable. It’s affirming, it’s honoring.” 

If you have had an excellent experience with one of our nurses, we invite you to submit a nomination for a DAISY® Award online at Submissions for our next round of awards are due by September 30, 2023. 

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