The caregivers of San Juan Regional Medical Center mobilized in early 2020 to prepare for the threat we knew was to come. As we close out 2021, we are still fighting a global pandemic at a local level. These stories are our voices, our experiences, as we battle COVID head-on.

Providing Safe Care for our Community

Even before we had any positive cases confirmed in New Mexico, our Incident Command was up and running with an external assessment area where patients exhibiting signs and symptoms of COVID-19 could drive up in their vehicles to be assessed and potentially tested.

Surviving COVID-19: A Shout Out to Healthcare Heroes

“This place saved my life.” Emmet, a COVID-19 survivor who spent 12 days on our COVID floor, shares his experience.

connecting patients to their loved ones

The pandemic has brought many challenges. One of the hardest things for patients is not being allowed to visit with their family and friends while they’re in the hospital. Our staff has gone above and beyond to do everything in their power to connect loved ones.

Physical Therapist Helps COVID Patient Stand

covid 2 home: Remote Caregiving Monitors COVID Patients

EMS Covid 2 home participation

transporting covid patients during the pandemic

icu nurse shares core values


A sense of excited anticipation hung in the air early on the morning of December 15. San Juan Regional Medical Center had received notice that the long-awaited Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine was on its way.

family vaccine clinic

EMS Helping with vaccine

Case Management Creativity Helps COVID Patient

Our Case Management caregivers are experts at coming up with creative solutions to help our patients when they’re in need.