Total Joint Program


Sandy Kennedy recently had both knees replaced after being unable to walk without excruciating pain.

“Having my knee replacements done at the Total Joint Care Center has made a big difference”, Sandy Kennedy.  “It’s like getting your life back. I’m able to get around now without pain.”

Before Sandy Kennedy’s knees started bothering her, she enjoyed working in her kitchen and camping with her active family. But in 2009 she started to notice she couldn’t get around as well. “At times my left knee felt like it was going to give out from underneath me,” said Kennedy. She partially remedied the problem with a knee brace, but it only helped for a short time.

Her final, personal confirmation that she needed the surgery came after a near fall. “I got up from my recliner chair and took one step and if it hadn’t been for the side table that I grabbed, I would have gone down,” said Kennedy.

Kennedy hadn’t gone through major surgery before and was very nervous, especially with her first knee replacement. “The girls on the surgical floor take darn good care of you. They even get you up on the day of surgery and you start moving to help get your mobility back.”

“The Total Joint program helped me get back on my feet and regain my mobility. At San Juan Regional Medical Center, you’re in the best hands,” said Kennedy. “They took extremely good care of me.

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