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Follow Up Visits

Diabetes patients should visit their doctor three or four times a year depending on the treatment plan. When you return, your doctor and other members of the healthcare team will perform an exam, take a medical history, run lab tests, and fine-tune the treatment program. These later visits are not as in-depth as the first visit, though patients are recommended to complete a physical exam once a year.

The following checklist will help you make sure your healthcare team performed a thorough job at your follow-up visits. Did your healthcare team:
  • Ask to see your blood glucose records?
  • Ask what adjustments you’ve made to your diabetes care plan?
  • Ask what problems you’ve had in following your diabetes care plan?
  • Ask about times you’ve had high or low blood glucose levels?
  • Ask about symptoms that might indicate you are developing a diabetes complication?
  • Ask what other illnesses you had since your last visit?
  • Ask what medicines you are taking now?
  • Ask if your life has changed in any way?
  • Measure your weight and blood pressure?
  • Look in your eyes?
  • Look at your feet?
  • Take blood for a glycohemoglobin test?
  • Take a urine sample to look for protein and infection?
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