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Heart Health Tips

Adopting heart-healthy habits and making lifestyle changes can decrease your risk of cardiovascular heart disease and help start you on the road to better health and a longer life.

Eating for Energy While you age your metabolism inevitably slows down, so being conscious of the foods you choose to eat becomes increasingly important.

Keep moving to stay young at heart…as well as in mind, body, and spirit.

Walk for Wellness and get motivated. If you include walking in your daily routine you can train your heart to perform better under pressure.

A diet that's low in cholesterol, saturated fat, and trans fat helps improve blood cholesterol levels. Luckily, eating this way doesn't have to mean skipping your favorite meals. Often, it's a simple matter of switching one tasty food for another.

Start thinking of fitness as fun. If the word "workout" sounds too much like work, think of it as "recreation." You get the idea. Exercise actually comes in many forms, including activities that feel more like fun than hard work:
• Dance. Sign up for a dance class with your spouse or a friend or carve out some dance time at home.
• Go bowling. Join a bowling league or make a weekly date with some of your friends. If you have grandchildren, bring them along.
• Rediscover a favorite sport. Whether you love the elegance of golf or the challenge of tennis, make time for these leisure activities. If possible, vary your activities over the course of each week to work different muscle groups.
• Enjoy the great outdoors. When the weather cooperates, ride your bike, visit a local park for a hike, or simply go for a walk. These are all great exercises that get you outside and into the fresh air.
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