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Visitation Restrictions

We understand that an Emergency Department (ED) visit can be a very stressful and concerning time. We want to honor our patients and their families desire to provide support by being at the bedside and still take reasonable precautions to protect against the unintended spread or exposure of disease. 

We are asking for your help in protecting you, our patients, our staff, and the community during the ongoing Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic. 

As our community continues to make strides to reduce the spread of COVID-19, San Juan Regional Medical Center is responding by easing visitor restrictions at the hospital. Effective February 11, 2021, we are moving from a restricted visitor policy to a limited visitor policy for our admitted non-COVID patients.

In an effort to facilitate our patients’ healing as well as keep their health and safety our top priority, non-COVID inpatients will now be allowed one visitor between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. All visitors must be aged 18 or older. Visitors will be subject to a health screening upon entrance to the hospital. In addition, all visitors are required to practice proper hand hygiene and wear a cloth face mask. No masks with valves are allowed and no overnight visitors are allowed.An important part of this policy to note is the fact that only ONE visitor will be allowed per day, per admitted non-COVID patient.

We will continue our no visitor policy for COVID patients, with exceptions considered on a case-by-case basis:

  • Parents or Legal Guardian of minors
  • Visitors for patients lacking decision-making capacity
  • Visitors for patients near end of life
  • Visitors for expectant mothers

Current visitation in the Emergency Department is for non-respiratory patients only.

In order to protect our community from exposure to COVID-19, we encourage family members and friends to utilize alternative mechanisms for patient contact such as FaceTime and Skype. They can also go to sanjuanregional.com and send an e-card at https://www.sanjuanregional.com/egreeting/. It’s up to all of us to be vigilant to help ensure everyone’s safety and get us to green.

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