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Visitation Restrictions

We understand that an Emergency Department (ED) visit can be a very stressful and concerning time. We want to honor our patients and their families desire to provide support by being at the bedside and still take reasonable precautions to protect against the unintended spread or exposure of disease. 
We are asking for your help in protecting you, our patients, our staff, and the community during the ongoing Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic. 
We are asking that at this time:
A Maximum of one adult visitor allowed to accompany ED patients to the treatment area.  This exception will only be made for patients who need a parent or legal guardian, patients lacking decision making capacity, patients needing translator services not provided, or other case by case situations.
Visitors meeting these exceptions will be asked to complete a health screening before being approved to visit and visitors will be asked to restrict movement in and out of the treatment areas. 
Please reserve the lobby for patients waiting to be seen. Visitors not with a patient may be asked to seek known safe spaces outside the facility or plan on returning once treatment is complete. 

Please let one of our healthcare professionals know if you have any questions or concerns about this change. 
Thank You for allowing us to serve you and your family and for partnering with us during this national emergency. 
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