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Nursing Mission and Vision

The mission for nursing services is to deliver quality nursing care based on the individualized needs of the patient and their families.

We support the service standards of SJRMC: safety, courtesy, efficiency, and stewardship.

To be recognized as progressive healthcare professionals who deliver personalized care demonstrating respect and dignity for our patients and co-workers.

Professional nursing at San Juan Regional Medical Center means assisting individuals, families, or communities in attaining and maintaining optimal health, assessing and implementing a plan of care to accomplish defined goals, and evaluating responses to care and treatment. This practice is based on specialized knowledge. Judgment and nursing skills are acquired through educational preparation in nursing and in the biological, physical, social, and behavioral sciences. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Initiating and maintaining comfort measures
  • Promoting and supporting optimal human functions and responses
  • Establishing an environment conducive to well-being or to the support of a dignified death
  • Collaborating on the healthcare regimen
  • Administering medications and performing treatments prescribed by a person authorized in this state
  • Recording and reporting nursing observations, assessments, interventions, and responses to nursing care
  • Providing counseling and health teaching
  • Delegating and supervising nursing interventions that may be performed safely by others and are not in conflict with the Nursing Practice Act
  • Maintaining accountability for safe and effective nursing care.*
* From State of New Mexico Nursing Practice Act, 2000

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