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Education and Training

When you join San Juan Regional Medical Center, you receive an organization-wide orientation, competency assessment, personalized nursing core orientation, and a job or unit-specific orientation. Organization-wide orientation focuses on the hospital’s plan for excellence and policies that apply to all employees. Nursing core orientation provides nursing-specific information for clinical units. Based on your critical thinking, communication, and technical skills, an individualized plan is created specific to the unit or job. Clinical orientation may range from six weeks to several months depending on the practice area, experience level, and assessment of clinical knowledge and nursing skill.

Ongoing Clinical Support
Nurses receive widespread clinical support from a variety of sources. A unit-based nurse manager, assistant manager, clinical educator, and unit-based clinical coach monitor your unit orientation. Experienced nurse coworkers provide ongoing support. Nurses also have 24-hour bedside access to a comprehensive medical library.

The majority of our hospital units use MediTech for computer charting. There’s also a clinical portal—a database containing information from several applications—that allows nurses to customize and organize the patient’s care team and information. These include lab results, narrative reports, and intake/output. SJRMC also has internal communication education as well as Outlook email accounts. Technology is an integral part of nursing and we continue to seek out the latest advancements to assist nurses at the bedside, help increase efficiency, and allow more time with patients.

Rewarding Excellence in Nursing
‘Rewarding Excellence in Nursing’ is a tool to reward professionalism in nursing. This program measures clinical and professional excellence. This career advancement program allows for nurses to self-pace their advancement. It also recognizes that all nurses cannot commit themselves at the same level. Participation is voluntary. Total years of nursing experience to include years worked as an LPN/RN.

Tuition Reimbursement
SJRMC offers tuition assistance for academic classes and reimbursement for professional certifications.

Shared Decision-Making and ‘Partners in Care’
Decision-making at the unit and hospital levels is encouraged through our hospital’s ‘Partners in Care’ and by collaboration with other disciplines. Each nursing unit or division of units has its own unit council attended and chaired by staff nurses. One representative from this council participates in the monthly meeting of ‘Partners in Care.’ ‘Partners in Care’ reports to nursing leadership who in turn reports to the Board of Directors. The purpose of ‘Partners in Care’ is:

  • To incorporate principles of partnership, equity, and ownership among all healthcare professionals
  • To enhance effective communication between and among all levels of the organization
  • To be responsive and supportive in approach and accomplishment of the ‘work of nursing’
  • To satisfy the needs of the staff for empowerment and recognition
  • To promote nursing competence
  • To promote safe and effective nursing care
  • To advocate collaborative problem-solving
  • To reward partnering relationships
  • To promote an environment where professional registered nurses desire to practice
  • To provide a sense of control over immediate work environment
  • To make possible true participation in decision making for nursing staff
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