Spine Center

Spine Program

San Juan Regional Medical Center healthcare providers understand that your back is the main support structure of your entire body. The Spine program offers the community a highly coordinated program for reducing your back and neck pain. The program is largely comprised of two areas of focus: a specialized inpatient process and community education.

Coordinated inpatient process The second part of the program is a specialized inpatient process that readies patients for surgery and a successful outcome. Those needing or electing to have back or neck surgery start a four week pre-operative process that includes testing and education, primary care physician clearance and approval from specialists as necessary, and may include a consultation with the anesthesia team to ensure each patient is in good health prior to surgery.

Through the Spine Program, our healthcare specialists will work with you to develop a plan that can develop a treatment plan that can eliminate or reduce pain.

By choosing our Spine Program you can expect the following:

• A dedicated staff – chosen specifically for their expertise, positive attitude, and high motivational skills
• Specialized inpatient process
• Pre-operative process that includes testing and education
• Consultation with the anesthesia team to ensure each patient is in good health prior to surgery
• Trained nursing staff and rehabilitation therapists specially trained in optimizing the healing process specifically for back and neck patients
• A dedicated unit with private rooms for all activities
• Individual focus on achieving the most successful outcomes
• After care support that includes reunions with coaches, surgeons, and other members of your care team

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