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Speech Language Pathology

The speech-language pathology team at San Juan Regional Rehabilitation Outpatient Center personalizes treatment plans according to each patient’s abilities, needs, and goals. They are dedicated to helping patients regain, strengthen, or perfect their speech-language skills.

Speech-language pathologists provide services for a full range of communication disorders including evaluation, diagnostic testing, and treatment for speech, language, cognitive-communication, and swallowing disorders for individuals of all ages.

Speech-Language Pathologists treat:
-Speech disorders
-Fluency disorders
-Voice disorders
-Expressive and receptive language disorders
-Swallowing disorders
-Cognitive-communication disorders such as attention, memory, abstract reasoning, awareness, and executive functioning

Conditions Speech-Language Pathologists commonly treat:
-Traumatic brain injury
-Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
-Huntington’s disease
-Laryngeal cancer
-Oral cancer
-Bells palsy
-Parkinson’s disease
-Multiple sclerosis
-Myasthenia Gravis
-Guillain-barré syndrome
-Developmental delay
-Vocal nodules
-Vocal polyps
-Cleft palate

Contact your physician for a full evaluation referral.

For pediatric speech-language pathology services, contact
San Juan Regional Pediatric Rehabilitation Outpatient Center at 505.609.6013.
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