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My Why: Dr. Damon Kalcich

I moved to Farmington when I was 10 years old. I am a former Northeast Viking and Hermosa Matador and I graduated from Farmington High School. My wife is from Farmington. We chose to come back to this community and raise our family and for me to practice in this environment.

There’s no medical school in Farmington. Everyone who has come here as a physician is here because they chose to be. We want to be in this community. We have a great deal of diversity here and we are able to take care of a lot of different kinds of people. That is very satisfying to us. As a General Surgeon, I get to work in the hospital, but I also get to work in the office setting. It’s a great way to be a jack of all trades and take care of a lot of different kinds of people.

This is going to sound a little bit weird, but a good hernia surgery is a lot of fun. It’s just very satisfying when you reduce that hernia, sew it up and put a nice mesh in there, you felt like you have really done something. That patient came in and 45 minutes later we fixed her problem. It’s also really fun when we do reflux surgery and people who have complained about having heartburn for years tell you, “I feel great, I can eat again!” Then they come to the office and they say things like, “Thank you, I never knew how bad I felt until I felt better.” Those types of things are just really gratifying.

Personally, this is a great area to live. If you like the outdoors at all this is fantastic. I’m involved in a lot of the youth sports- I coach youth basketball, football and baseball. My children are involved in a lot of sports so we spend a lot of time in the bleachers. Being out in the community, you’d be amazed at all the patients and prospective patients you meet. They come up to you and say, “Oh you’re Dr. Kalcich!” and I say, “yes, hi.” They say, “I’m scheduled to see you next week to talk about my gallbladder.”  

It’s just great because you’re involved in your community. You get a sense of the people and it makes you feel sort of part of the family. There’s a connection there. That’s really the satisfying part of what we do is taking care of people we have some feeling and some connection with.

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